Friday, March 31, 2006

officer, officer

I'm never short of entertainment, and hassle, when it comes to my neighbours. I live in a block of flats/apartments with 6 in the block. Under me there's a escort, above me there's a stupid cunt who likes to play music at all hours of the night, there's a junkie prostitute that lives on the same floor as me and there's a weird women who lives above her. The only person I never have problems with is the guy who lives under the prostitute.

I have to deal with blood outside my door from the prositutes bf and today was no different. There's blood splattered over my door (from today) and I sure aint cleaning it up! Turns out that the bf got himself in a wee bit of bother, which called for the police to be involved. They came around to arrest him for some shit but he wasnt having anything of it. I was looking through my peephole (as you do when stuff like this happens) and I watched him trying to run away. When he realised he couldnt escape the clutches of Aberdeen's finest, he decided it would be better to bang his head off the wall and my door. WTF has my door ever done to him? He busted his face and then took it upon himself to spit blood at the faces of the police. It was like a scene from a movie. He managed to run past them and get downstairs and out the building door, only to run onto the road and get hit by a car. While all this happened, the prostitute was standing calmly with her arms crossed.

I dont see what good it did him. He'll only be attended to by hospital staff (if he lives) and then he'll be taken into custody. Oh the drama!


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Shit your story reminds me of Fulham, but there you pay for a post code. It has really changed now partly because the kids have given up hope because they won't be able to live within 50 - 150 miles of their parents.

BN said...

Sounds like fun!