Sunday, March 19, 2006

2 days and counting

In 2 days time, we'll have a new template on here! Finally found one we all like. I'm in the motions of editing it but I'm having a problem. The template doesnt have the right code for allowing the comments to open in a little window and there's no code to support back links (like we have on here). Blogger gave me the codes when I tried to enable these options, and I added them but they aint working for some gay reason. So, I'll need to tweek them OR ask for the help of robert.

I'll need a couple of days to add all our links and get them just right, to get this comment and backlink thing fixed, change some fonts and texts. Wish me luck!! OH, and if you have any other links you want to too add to the blog, let me know! Cheers

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