Sunday, January 22, 2006

something else that annoys me

This is one of two posts I wanna make.

I'll keep this simple....I wish people, more so American people (sorry), would stop classing the UK as only London! THERE ARE MORE PARTS TO THE UK THAN JUST LONDON! Most people know this but there are the select few who just havent got a fucking clue about the rest of the world. There are different countries outside your own!


LuNaMooN said...

they do that with Australia too...they think Australia is Sydney. And they have NO idea where New Zealand is

nenni said...

bloody annoying, it is! Some think Scotland is a different island and it's part of the UK

DaNi3L said...

Takes Offense cause seriousally don't class all americans the same :| as for Luna's statement as long as I lived i never even thought New Zealand was part of Australia at all :| and when I think of Australia I just think of that small contenent true I don't know to much about it, not that i care to since I don't have plans on visiting the place so I don't need to learn about it :\

as for jen's post

when I think of Europe I think of UK i think of scottland, Britain, and a few other countries but I can't tell you where on the friggen map they are, all i can say is I think scottland and UK and Britain are an Island weather seperate from eachother or on the same I wouldn't be able to tell you, once again Unless I have plans on visiting a place I won't bother learning more then what was taught me

that may be just me but I don't bother wasting time if I don't have a reason to know something there is no use wasting time to do so

yeah i am lazy i know

LuNaMooN said...

Dude, i never said New Zealand was part of Australia...and you call us a little continent? We're the largest land mass totally surrounded by sea. And your comment about not knowing the place because you have no intention of visiting the place is indicitive of the American way of thinking. So yeah, i'll clump you all in one huge lot.

DaNi3L said...

out of all continents you are the smallest that's what i was statting, and I missread your comment on new zeland lol, but I did know where it is on the map i have known that since i was in middle school lol

and no you can't class me with the so called american way of thinking

you think that every american thinks that if your not american then your nothing, me on the other hand I did state if I have no reason to go there there is no reason for me to learn about it, and to me that just don't consist of other countries, if I don't plan on going to a place in the US I don't care to, I won't bother learning about the place lol to me it's a need to no basis if I don't need to know i won't waste my time

and I know plenty of americans for example you asked me something about kangaroo's in google talk I know people that make it there job to know everything about kangaroo's and any other animal in the animal kingdom some it's there job as zoo keepers lol some do it cause they love animals and it's there passion

me I'm not an animal lover at least not much of one so that was a bad question to ask ok i am sure you still may think the same of me but i don't care I just state I'm not like other americans as you stated