Sunday, January 29, 2006

boys and their toys

I'll set the scene...Busy ASDA supermarket. 2 old school friends, who are bf and gf, myself and a conversation about the bf's now smashed car..

BF (Dean): I've only had the fucking car for 3 weeks and you've fucked it up. How can you be so fucking stupid?!
GF (Laura): It wasnt my fault. You've seen the report yourself. HE came out and hit ME. Not the other way around. It's only a fucking car. Your insurance will cover it!
Dean: My insurance?! I don't want to lose my no claims bonus, you daft cow. You can pay me the money to fix it out of your pocket...
Me: *checking to see if anyone is watching this now loud argument*
Laura: Isnt it your job anyway? You fix cars..fix your own
Dean: Did I just fucking hear you right?
Laura:...and Jen had to claim on her no claims bonus. She lost..what was it Jen?
Me: 9 years bou...
Laura: 9 YEARS! Have you seen her get all fucking pissed about it? plus, you've done no work on it yet. It's not as if it's perfect and runs well. It's a bucket of shit
Laura: Babe, look. There's no need for this
Me: Guys, I'm going to get cat food. I'll be back...
Dean: See what you've done? She's leaving us because you're pathetic and arguing about it in here
Laura: I didnt start this!
They then follow me to the isle...
Laura: Look, babe. I'm sorry. I didnt mean to cause you problems. I love...
Dean: DONT YOU DARE SAY YOU LOVE ME! Get the fuck away from me. fuck it. I'm leaving. Should have fucking known not to let you drive my car. Stupid bitch!

and then he leaves! She's texted me to say that he wont talk to her and all because someone hit his car while she was driving. There's not even much damage. Most he's gonna have to fix is a rear bumper, some lights and replace his number plate. I could understand if he had paid a ton of money to fix it up but he's not even started doing that yet. Boys and their fucking cars!


LuNaMooN said...

if its a piece of shit, it shouldnt cost him much to fix it, spare parts and all, and if he's in the car biz he can get them ultra cheap. then the whingeing bastard wont lose his no claims. sorry he's your mate and all, but slap him!

nenni said...

no no. I understand how shit he is. I talked to him today and told him how shit he is. He's since talked to her and they aint splitting up. Said he was way out of line about it all but it just shows you how crap guys are about their cars.

Michele said...

How awful that he yelled at her in public like that. He should of never yelled at her about something like that to begin with.

nenni said...

That's men for you

DaNi3L said...

.....@that's Men for you

yet another thing bundling everyone of one person the other was americans this time it's MEN

I'm a Man and I could give two pennies about a car, if it runs it runs it gets me to where i'm going i don't give a damn if it's a junk car or not, i'm not that big on cars lol I won't get pissed if it got in a crash I would get annoyed that I would have to pay if I had to pay lol and not cause of the car it's cause the fact i would be losing money for something i didn't do, for an example

if that was me in that guy's place

finding out it wasn't her fault I wouldn't be going off on her i would be going off on the other dude for one if I went off on anyone :| lol

second if I had to pay i would take it out on the other one

if she was the cause of it, no matter how little or how big I would expect her to pay if i had to pay, I won't go yelling at her I'll just expect her to do so on her own cause that would be the price someone would pay if they were to break something of someone else's :P

not cause of the car remember that it's cause of money

another moral of this story is the fact you shouldn't bundle up everyone of the same gender, race, place they were born, or whatever just cause some do the things you arn't happy about