Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Burns Night

Here in Scotland on the 25th of January, we honour Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns (or Rabbie Burns). Robert Burns is Scotland's best-loved bard and Burns Suppers have been held in his honour for over 200 years. On this night, most Scots hold suppers where they eat haggis (which is sheeps stomach, blood and a mixtures of other things, along with spices), neeps and tatties (mashed turnip and mashed potato) and they drink whiskey! Before eating the haggis, one of Robert Burns' poems is read, Address to a Haggis.

Robert Burns wrote a lot of nice poems, which even I like (I'm not a big poem fan since I stopped writing them myself) and you can read them here. In some parts of Scotland, people hold haggis hurling. Haggis Hurling dates back to early Scottish Clan Gatherings, where the women folk would toss a haggis across a stream to their husbands, who would catch the haggis in their kilts. I'm not going to bore you with a huge post about it. I've added links for his poems, about his life and about the haggis hurling. You can take your own time to read them, if you wish.

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