Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fake People

We always see fake ass people online and, I don't know about you people, but I try to not have any contact with them. I have had to deal with a fake person offline, that I have to see on practically an every day basis. She drives me fucking nuts and the past two weeks it is all I can do to control my temper and not go off on her. I work with the girl and she is constantly leaving work early with the excuse that she is sick. She says she has cancer but has no proof to back that up and if you ask her what kind of cancer she has, she tells you that she isn't sure. She uses the sickness excuse when ever things don't go her way. She started this as soon as she got back with the guy she was seeing when I first started working there. She goes out partying 5 nights a week yet she is dying and does all the partying and fucking around at work because she is trying to enjoy what little time she has left on this earth. What a fucking crock of shit. Anyway, my point is, there are fake people around us online and offline. I think it is easier to deal with the fake ones online because you can just ignore them. Offline, like in my case, I have to work with people like that and my temper is about to boil over.


LuNaMooN said...

She sounds like she's full of shit. If she had cancer, no matter what, she'd be too sick to party and stuff. She'd be doing either chemo, or radiation, OR she'd be so far into the illness, she'd be in too much pain. You should tell her if she's gonna fake cancer, at least read up on how it's gonna affect her, so she can bullshit properly.
Doesn't her boss realise what she's doing? Can you not complain to him/her about it? Sometimes bosses are so busy they don't realise what the common worker is up to. Sometimes a discreet word in the bosses ear works wonders.

nenni said...

Faking an illness isnt a smart idea at all because when she really IS sick, no one will believe her. It's like the boy who cried wolf!

The fake people to ignore them, IMHO

Michele said...

A couple of people have gone to the boss about her with in the past 2 weeks. She works the night shift and never hardly sees the supervisor over our department, so the Supervisor didn't have a clue what was going on.

I brought this up to make a point. It doesn't matter where you go online or offline, there are fake people everywhere and I find that sad that people feel they can't be themselves and have to lie about things. Faking an illness is awful. What about the ones out there who truly are sick? People that fake things like that, take away from the ones who are truly suffering.