Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dominion Movie Review

Dominion *Prequel to* The Exorcist (2005)

Release Date: May 20th, 2005 (Limited)
Directed by: Paul Schrader

"A Supernatural evil comes to a post-World War II archaeological dig in British East Africa. Or is the escalating toll of death and dread the inevitable result of human nature?"

that's just part of the description upon the DVD I hold in my hand as I got done watching this movie, This movie is based before the Origional Exorcist movie, It was only put in a limited selection of Movie theaters cause The creater of the movie himself Didn't make this one to be as exciting as his other ones and He made it for only purpose to fill in Father Merrin's Past between His time in World War II and the first Exorcist movie The creater only expected the die hard Exorcist fans to watch this movie, and I am one of them, to say this movie is boring I can't say that cause It gives in great detail of how he had to refind his faith to combat a foe who's cunning, unrelenting and immortal. this is a movie that any fan of the exorcist don't want to miss

my rating is 7/10


Technicolour Nightmare said...

Really, a 7? Did you like the original? Because this 'prequel' blew. They took the story and changed it! If they liked the original so much why would they change it so much.
Haven't I read here before?

DaNi3L said...

hmmmm :D good point I have seen the origonal yes but it's been years and years since I have, I will Re watch it when I get a chance to and If I think different I will make a new review lol but as of this moment I stick to my words that I stated.