Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chatter Lawsuit

It baffles me as to what types of lawsuits that are being handed out these days. I thought nothing more could shock me but I was wrong. Today, I found an article about a lawsuit to do with the internet. Someone is suing AOL for allegedly failing to do anything about the abuse he endured in a CHATROOM. Finding it hard to believe as I did? Then read for yourself here!

It's the first of it's kind and I'll be really shocked if anything comes of it. As a Services Administrator (IRCop) on an irc server (oasis.stormirc.net) and a channel op in one of the servers biggest channels, I have to say....LMAO! You gotta be kidding me? Why sit there and read the bullshit someone is typing to you. There is a button at the top right hand corner with an X on it. Why not just click the button and leave the chat? Might be harsh but he's the only one to blame for his 'emotional distress' that accured because of the teasing. Clinking the X does a world of good! and Daniel, if you are reading this...don't bother claiming this in chat the next time I kick you. Get ideas of your own lol


Michele said...

Ok...That is just lame. He could of left the chat room. And why put a lawsuit against Aol? How the hell is Aol gonna stop what people type in public chat rooms? I find the whole thing stupid and if something comes of this, I will be very surprised.

LuNaMooN said...


I've had someone say theyre going to sue me for what ive said about them in chat. Remember Vision? She's apparently "married" to some hot shot lawyer here (she lives in Perth too) because I said that I didn't believe she was married because she was trying to get Capn Chaos to date her again. And that she wasn't pregnant. I'm yet to hear anything :D
Its ridiculous. Click the frigging X if you dont like it, as Jen said.