Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Skin for Winamp

This seems to be happening all too regular these days..I got bored! YES..bored! I started off by fixing every bit of info on every mp3 I've downloaded. Which wasnt much. I've not long got this computer. So I'm lacking in the mp3 stakes.

Then over a cup of tea and a Steven Segal biscuit of the biscuit world (twas a hobnob), I decided that I would try downloading a new skin, for my winamp, to replace my MMD3 skin (which seems to hate me because I can never get it to work right. That didnt happen before when I had it on my old computer).
After much checking out of skins, I decided on a skin called Anunaki110 v1.1. I then sat and picked through, what seemed like, 100000 different colours for the skin (as you can guess. My life is so full of events at this moment in time) and the finished result is the screenshot of the winamp player above.

If my life got any more exciting, I wouldnt be able to keep up. I swear!

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DaNi3L said...

Winamp sucks :)