Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Me v The Neighbours

Yet again, I've had a few words with neighbours. My area sucks ass, to be honest. So I'm not surprised that a hot headed person, such as myself, manages to argue with people over anything.

I cant remember if I have mentioned it before but I cant park outside my building. Which means I have to park on the next street. Since I moved into this building, I've bitched about the way people park on the street. They never care about anyone else needing to park and they take up about 2 parking spaces. Well, today I had a run in with one of the neighbours who thinks he's better than everyone else. He owns a catering buisness, owns one of the big houses on the street and has about 3 cars and two big catering vans. Not to mention the trailers for his catering too.

I'll set the scene...Me coming home after being at my gran's and then the local supermarket. I turn off the main road and see a parking space right on the corner. So I pull in and then notice the catering trailer sitting at the other side of the road. I then spot the guy driving one of his catering vans out of his driveway but then think to myself "bashard!" I get out the car and head to the passenger side to get out my shopping. I then hear "OI. YOU. What do you think you're doing?!" I turn to see the guy hanging out his drivers window. I didnt even bother to answer him. Thinking that maybe he's not talking to me. I then get "I WANTED THAT FUCKING SPACE, YOU BITCH!" He made the mistake of calling me a bitch. That made me turn and say "well, you werent near the space. I needed a space. So I took it. If you've got a problem with that, then tell someone who fucking cares" It then went like this..

Him: Get out of that space. I need to park in there
Me: Why?
H: I need the drive for my cars
M: And I should care why...? It's not your parking space. There is no sign saying 'this is the wankers space. do not park' Until I see that sign there, I shall continue to park where ever the fuck I like
H: Get rid of the attitude and move so I can get in there.
M: Again, unless I see a sign saying it belongs to you, I will park here, and seeing as we're talking about parking spaces..Start to consider everyone else who needs to park on this street. Stop taking all the fucking room. Move your cars back instead of taking up two spaces with your big pieces of shit. Now I've had my say. Enjoy the rest of your day.
H: Fucking bitch!
M: I think it's you who needs to get rid of the attitude. If you want to complain, then call the council. They'll tell you the same thing as I just did. You should maybe think about moving too because I swear..if you do anything to my car because of this, I'll hit you back twice as hard. Don't test me. Any scratch, and you'll know about it. Now fuck off out of my face and go shove your vans. cars and trailers up your arse.

Went something like that. I walked away with him slamming his van door and cursing me something rotten. The eventful life of me just keeps geting better and better

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