Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A sad story (makes me angry!!)

I'm going to tell you all something my mum told me about this weekend. I swear. I was so angry after she told me. Someone should go to the local papers with this!

My mum is a home carer. With living out in the country side, some old people/people with learning difficulties don't have a lot of family and need certain care. Awhile ago, my mum was asked to help look after a guy called Sandy. He has learning difficulties and had been getting care from a woman for over 13 years. My mum was brought in because she lived in the same village as them. They would budget his money, save it up for him. Which helped him buy a brand new flat screen TV, dvds, books...anything he wanted. He was very popular in the area. Everyone knew him and spoke to him.

About 4 months ago, Sandy's social workers suggested to him that it would be better if he moved away from the small area and got a place near more shops and social life. So 3 weeks later, they got him a new flat/apartment and moved him away. We would see him every now and then if we went to the town and he always said he was ok. 4 days ago, my mum heard the news that Sandy was in hospital. Turns out he had been walking in the town and had a heart attack! When he was taken into hospital, they found out he had pneumonia. It turns out that he had been lying in the street for 6 HOURS before someone called 999. 6 FUCKING HOURS! In that town, if someone is lying in the street, they assume that they're drunk and just leave them. It also turns out that he's had NO help since his move. All his money is gone, he had been eating cold beans from the tin (he doesnt understand how to cook the correct way), his flat was such a mess, his TV was missing and the clothes he had been wearing looked like they hadnt been washed in weeks. I cant understand how the people who are employed to help people in need, just let shit like this happen. There was NOTHING wrong with where he was staying before. They just told him he should up and move and because they said it might be best, he followed lead. Sandy could have died! Sandy could still die and they didnt care one iota of a fuck about him. Is it their way of washing their hands of him? They wouldnt like it if it happened to them. BASTARDS, the lot of them!

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