Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chinese whispers

It's a sad state of affairs when you think to yourself "I wonder how long it'll take for the mental health story to reach other members of the online community? more so the part where I said I had a eating disorder." I'm guessing only a few hours and certain people will be talking about it.

And when that does happen, it'll be the talk of MsN for sure. The story will change a 100 times. Certain people, who claim not to give a shit about people they've met online, will spend HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS going on and on about it.

That happens quite a lot to the people that blog with me. There's a lot of hatred and that's an even worse state of affairs. I dont know if anyone has ever had the misfortune of talking with shallow people, as we have. The rumors, the attempting to create a situation that must lead to online arguments, the attemped belittling that happens daily...The joys of online.

What makes me wonder, is what people actually gain from it all? I've been there. I've done a few things that I've listed but that was awhile ago now. Now the internet is a way and means of surfing sites and playing games...for me anyway. I know that trying to make yourself seem 'cool' online gets you nowhere. So why bother? I know for a fact that people talk about me on MsN. I'm not stupid. I know it's the usual "nenni is a fat cunt" "nenni is this. nenni is that". This all comes from people who claim to 'know you'. None of them have met me in real life, yet they assume the position of "knowing the real nenni" makes me laugh, so it does.

For the people who I know will end up reading this...I'm not fat, I'm not dating Rob, I do think I'm better than you and I know it for a fact and who cares if I talk about my cat a lot? Aint a crime, is it?! Enjoy your little conversations about me on any number of messengers. There might even end up being posts about me on forums. You do care enough to talk about me. If you dont care about anyone online, as you often claim you do, then why do you continue to talk about 'us'? The mere fact that you do talk about 'us' shows that you do care. Here's a little insight for you all...we dont care that you do care. As you were. Carry on talking about 'us'


LuNaMooN said...

So very very true hun.

I love the way they say "we don't care about you" yet they can't stop talking about us, lurk on our blogs and myspaces, all that stuff.

I find it highly amusing :D

nenni said...

This post came about because I spotted an IP on the blog patrol. I just know for a fact that this person will go telling everyone what they read. We might even have some visitors turning up lol