Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mean Creek - Movie Review

Directed by Jacob Aaron Estes

Rory Culkin - Sam
Trevor Morgan - Rocky
Scott Mechlowicz - Marty
Ryan Kelley - Clyde
Carly Schroeder - Millie
Josh Peck - George

5 kids set off for an afternoon boating trip but all is not as it seems. A plan has been set to teach the bully of the group a lesson he wont forget. After a change of heart, a few try to overturn the plan but things take a dramatic twist. One they'll never forget.

I bought Mean Creek at the same time as I bought my Nightmare on Elm Street collectors boxset and Family Guy. The movie has been classed as Deliverance meets Stand by Me (by Total Film magazine), and with that in mind, I really did think I would end up disappointed. The movie starts off good. Giving you the storyline on the reason for the kids plan. Keeping you informed about the characters background in a way that's not too overwhelming I was beginning to think maybe it was worth the statement by Total Film but then the ending was downfall. It would have been good to know what happened with a couple of the characters but in a way I guess it's the way to keep you thinking about it.'s a good movie and worth watching at least once to see the events take fold. Kickingupastorm rating for it shall be 6/10

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