Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More mental health

When I say more, I mean more trying to be laid on me. I mentioned to Luna early today that a friend of the family is trying to tell me I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) all because I wasnt happy that the rug in the livingroom wasnt straight enough. She says it's also because I can be quite anal about certain things.

I'm a lazy person when it comes to certain things. I admit that I dont always take pride in everything I do/own but when it comes to little things, they have to be perfect. A folder...everything has to be neat, the same size. I even get anal if a letter isnt written the right way. Does that really mean I have OCD? Are people too quick in giving someone a label of OCD or any other mental health problem? I totally understand that people have mental health problems around the world. Some more aggressive than others. I just think that some problems are 'forced' on people.

I have been told I have a mental health problem. For a long time I would self harm and even though I've not harmed myself in awhile, I still struggle everyday with the urge. It's a day to day battle, and on top of that, I have a eating disorder too. To also be told I have OCD on top of my struggle isnt something I want to hear. Maybe I do have a slight OCD problem but for someone to come out and say "you need help for this, stat" just makes me think even more that we throw around sayings without giving it a second thought.

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