Monday, August 21, 2006


Alright, doods!

5 days till the Lonach Gathering takes place. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I'm dreading it. For anyone who doesnt know...I ended up in hospital after having an asthma attack. I'm told it was pretty mild. MILD?!?! I'm doing ok and I'm back kicking bottom. I'm dreading the Lonarch because I got a little worried with this mild attack. It's the first time I've experienced this since I was told I had asthma. So you can imagine why it's put the shitters in me.
We leave for Strathdon (area where the lonach takes place) on Friday afternoon. I have to head back to my mum's on thursday to help get things ready to leave. I can imagine it's going to be one of those days when we can never find anything to take with us. Wouldn't be so bad if we werent camping for the weekend. Apart from the hassle of getting things looked out and then setting up, it'll be a good weekend. As long as I don't have to suffer because of the amount of walking involved. Anyone who hasnt read my review from the Lonach last year, you can read it here.

I'm hoping there will be a few celebs there again this year. I'm still praying for Sean Connery to show up. The year he did turn up, we never managed to attend =( It'll make my weekend if he turns up. He may be old but he's hella sexy! and I know it's not just me who thinks that. When I return on the monday, I shall tell you all who attended/how the weekend went/all other gossip, and HOPEFULLY I'll have pics to show you too. Till then...AS YOU WERE!

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