Friday, August 11, 2006

all in one go

Ever tried something new and hated it? When Coke Zero came out here, I gave it a try and hated the taste but for some reason I now love it. Buy at least a bottle a day

great coke taste. zero sugar
It still can't beat diet coke!

With my Gran's brother being up for a holiday, I've not been spending much time with my gran. More so for the fact that he drives me bloody crazy. Example: We're going to my mum's tomorrow. He's never been there before and my gran told him that it can take an hour to get there (35 minutes when I'm driving). So he gets his map out to see which way to drive there. Now I had told him that he can follow me so he doesnt get lost. Upon him reading the map, he decided he knew how to get there better than me. Told me that I was wrong in my directions. Pisses me off, so he does or is it just old age rearing its ugly head and making me get pissed at everything these days?

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DaNi3L said...

ewwwwwww at Coke Zero