Tuesday, August 22, 2006

there always seems to be something

Just as I thought nothing else could go wrong....it did!

Today I signed online and started a convo with Luna in chat. While doing this, I was reading a message on myspace. One of my friends was showing me the profile of one of her friends, and while the page was loading, I started typing to Luna. All of a sudden my comp switched itself off like the cocky bitch it is. It booted itself up again and I clicked on the connect button. It started to connect and then the shit hit the fan. My screen went weird and everything stalled. I got the comp switched off and let it sit for a few minutes, then tried to turn it on. This time I didnt even get as far as the comp booting up. Nothing was happening at all.
After much talking with Luna on the phone, I decided it would be best to get my other comp set up. Only problem? The OS is Win98! The guy it was bought from (family friend) had given me a disc with WinME but could I find said disc? NO. I thought it would be least annoying with ME added for a few days. Gives me time to contact a guy I know who can hopefully get me back on XP Pro. So until the day I can get XP Pro back, I have to settle for Win98 and I'm not a happy bunny about that. I had futher problems getting my connection back, getting firefox and mirc to download. I cant get gtalk added to the comp because it requires Win2000/XP and I'm back to basics with my mirc. All in all it's been a shitty day!

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