Monday, August 07, 2006

can I survive?!

That is the question that needs to be asked as of tomorrow. My Gran's brother comes up from Corby, England, tomorrow for a whole week and even though he's an ok old dood, he can be uber annoying.

When my Gran was in hospital early this year after having a mini stroke, he came up for a week to be near her. Now, I'm not bitching about helping someone with travel problems to go see my Gran in hospital. That's not me at all. I'm bitching about how boring and monotonous he can be. There's no taking away the fact that he would help anyone in trouble. The main reason is him going on and on about his family in England.
He has two daughters. One he doesnt talk to, the other is a head mistress in some posh school for girls, and this is the fact we hear over and over again. "Linda this" and "Linda that"...ANNOYS THE SHIT OUT OF ME! With him going on about his daughters highlife, my mum is working herself into the ground to make her house look perfect. So that she doesnt let down my Gran. "Can't have him talking about how unclean we are"

WHAT BULLSHIT! I mean, yeah. It would be nice for him to not think less of us BUT with my mum running herself into the ground to make sure it doesnt happen, she's making herself ill. She works from 7am to 1pm. She comes home and paints/cleans/moves stuff about. Then she goes back to work at 4pm, she's back home for 6pm to feed the horses. Then she's working again at 6:30pm. She'll finally get home at about 8pm and she's back into make sure things are perfect. That's not right! and I cant stay out there and help her because I have to be in town to make sure my Gran has transport to places. All this for some old fart. Makes me mad, it does!

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