Monday, August 07, 2006

Final Destination 3

I was sent a copy of Final Destination 3 on friday and I have to say...If you've not already seen it, then RENT THIS DVD!

A lot of people would say that by the end of a trilogy, a story is played out, and I'm one of those people. There's only a few trilogy movies that I like and now Final Destination is one of them. I have to admit that the second movie bored me but I still own it on dvd. I expected this movie to do the same. How wrong was I?

The movie is about a group of teenagers in their Senior year and the outcome of visiting a theme park. Much like the other two movies..One of the teens has a vision, which leads to some of the kids getting off a Rollercoaster. One by one, they start to die. The pretty much explains the storyline BUT with the dvd version, you can pick what happens at certain points in the movie. I've now watched 3 different versions of the movie and it's bloody brilliant!

Like I said before, I didnt like the second FD. It seemed to move away from the teen horror genre by having mostly Adult characters, which I think took away the thrill of the movie. I have to admit, the death scenes were excellent but I struggle to decide on anything else that was good about it. FD3 is teen death! It completes the trilogy on a high. The death scenes are brilliant. I'm a gore freak, what can I say? It's well worth seeing. So get your asses down to the nearest place to rent dvds and RENT THIS ONE!


DaNi3L said...

I liked all three of these movies

and was at first going to get the dvd of this third one mainly to have my collection complete but the DVD offers you some more fun options, you get to choose how some die and if some survive

it's a good movie, and I loved how they finalise up the trilogy

I saw this movie when it came out :) and I want the dvd, my brother bought the dvd already but I want my own copy

nenni said...

get it then