Monday, August 29, 2005

Lonach Gathering 2005

After being away in hospital for a few days to help with my breathing, my mum picked me up and took me out to her house for the weekend. Little did I know that the Lonach Gathering was on this weekend and dispite me being all shitty, she took me anyway. I'm glad she did!!

For those who dont know about it, I'll tell you..Every year on the 4th Saturday in August, the Lonach Gathering is held in Aberdeenshire. The Lonach Games and Gathering have been held for 160 years in the rural community of Strathdon, 45 miles west of Aberdeen. This is a friendly and warm gathering of the clansmen and friends, whose enthusiasm and unparalleled genius make the games an outstanding success. It is a truly unique event - nowhere else will you see the march of the Clansmen. The Men of Lonach, in full highland dress, armed with pikes and Lochaber battleaxes, march around the arena. The Clansmen march for 6 miles, first thing in the morning of the games, stopping off at patron houses along the way for a dram of whiskey, then the march is finished in the arena, watched by hundreds. Billy Connelly, who is patron of the games, attends every year and brings some famous friends with him. This year Steve Buscemi, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Brian Cox, Aidan Quinn and Anna Friel were amongst those who attended. Most wearing kilts! It's an amazing event and I'm glad my mum made me brave going this year.

I didnt want to stand about, so I decided to take a walk. I ended up meeting and having a cup of tea with Steve Buscemi!! (well, I had the tea)..Some really rude Australian guy kept pushing me while I was trying to take pictures of Billy Connelly and co. I got so pissed off that I ended up turning around and saying "fucking dae that again and I'll shove my camera up yer arse" this made Eric Idle laugh and then pose for a picture for me. Then the guy pushed me again and I ended up banging into Steve Buscemi. The security guy managed to pick me up and they ended up taking me into the ground where only "offical people" go. Then I couldnt catch my breath and I was asked if I would like to sit down inside the one like me gets in the house beside the ground. Not on the day of the Lonach anyway. This is why I'm glad my mum took me there. I was paying for it at the end of the day because I ached all over. Although being there did remind me how I actually wished I wasnt in Scotland. The whole reason for me being able to go there was because my other trip had to be put on hold and it did get me down alot on the day but saying made me proud to be Scottish and that I wouldnt change for the world!

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