Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hijackers KNOWN pre-9/11

someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? They knew about the hijackers but did nothing?!

The course of action was said to have been rejected in part because the men were in the US on valid entry visas.

Read it for yourself. It's shocking to say the least! Article
There's also inquiry and reactions to read. there are a few other links on that page for you to browse


_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

wasn't the thing in London the same? The terrorist lived in London. I think they needed to be more strict on what is teached (religious wise) in Countries, cuz alot of hate is being taught these days.

Anonymous said...

Most attacks are known preemptively, it's intel's job to determine which are the most important or urgent. And yes, they mess up too, sometimes.