Monday, August 01, 2005

Disappointment at it's best

So, I hear about this new movie coming out in cinemas near me soon (if not already) So, as usual, I go looking for a link to watch the trailer for it. I open google, type in the movie name which happens to be The Devils Rejects and BINGO I find a link for it.
I'm all happy by this point, so I sit and the page loads (slowly because of my dial-up). I see a trailer (which is weak in my opinion) and then the main site page loads up. I start looking around, playing with all the buttons because they've got different sounds and shit. This movie is by Rob Zombie and because of House Of 1000 Corpses...I can't wait to find out more.
Imagine how I felt when I try to look through the site and find that I CAN'T. This movie has an R rating, so you have to be over 18 to view anything on the site. It asks me to fill out some, date of birth, zip code.....I don't have a zip code with living in Scotland. We deal with postcodes here but I type it in anyway (you never know. I might have been lucky) Then it asks me for either a Passport or ID number. I AINT PUTTING THAT SHIT ON THE NET. So I think to myself that maybe it'll just let me carry. To my doesnt. So I'm hella disappointed that I can't view the site to a movie that I really want to know about.

So, my question the makers of such sites like The Devils Reject Official Movie .....What about us British people who dont have zip codes...and what about us fans who don't want to put personal information on the fucking net?? WHAT CAN WE GAIN FROM IT?! and why must you just base everything around Americans? I understand the R rating that the movie has but COME ON.....there must be another way around it....and that concludes my rant about the discrimination over some movie sites!!


Michele said...

My poor Jen. Lol. I agree that a lot of stuff does revolve around Americans and the people who do that need to realise that Americans are just a small part of the huge world.

Anonymous said...
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LuNaMooN said...

why dont you shut the fuck up? stay on the anonymous nick huh? fucking pussy

Anyway, Jen, yeah you're right. It sucks big time that all that shit has to be provided. Same thing happened to me when i visited the site months ago. Pretty much what you have with the restrictions is crap

nenni said...

I think I know who the anonymous is...something tells me it's the person who said to me in chat that people would 'attack' our blog. Seems kinda weird that someone did after they said that. Fucking gay, IMHO

It was suggested (by the same person who make the attack comment) that I could have used someone's zipcode but it checks the age and shit and it's too much bother. I just think there's an easier way to go about it. More so for none Americans. It really annoyed me when I couldnt view any further. Doesnt stop me wanting to see the movie though