Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The big book review

Whats the one thing you can do when you've got no computer and no access to the internet? Masturbation, I hear you say? WRONG. You read books. Lots of them. I went on a shopping spree of books while I was offline. Which leads me to the post topic. A big book review.

To give some people an idea of book reviews I've already done, I've found the links to them. (just incase someone might be interested) So far I've reviewed Richard Laymon, Patricia Cornwell and Jack Kerley.

I don't know why I havent reviewed this next authors books before. I read one awhile back and loved every chapter. From then on, I got hooked. James Patterson has a way of writing that just draws me in from chapter one. That's how I managed to get through a few of his books while offline for those 2 weeks. So starts my big book review. Enjoy!

Beach Road: This title starts with the rape of a young black girl: Nikki Robinson is cleaning the mansion on Beach Road owned by the Merrick family, when the owner's son assaults her. Then, three teenage boys are shot dead on the beach - one is Michael Merrick, and one of the black kids accused of the murders is Nikki's half-brother, Eli. Defending them isn't going to be easy. No witness to the murders can be found. The rich local community don't want any murky secrets revealed about life in the Hamptons. And Tom and Kate, the two lawyers working on the case, haven't exactly been on good terms since their affair broke up.
My Review: This is the book that got me hooked. So many twists and turns that keep you begging for more, which makes you read as much chapters as you can. It's hard to put down. James Patterson tends to make each chapter, in every book, about 2-3 pages long. Which in my mind makes it so easy to keep reading. The amount of different characters in this book does not confuse you. It starts off by telling you who each character is. Then it carries the story really well. It's a must read if the you manage to get your hands on a copy.

Mary, Mary: Hollywood's most famous stars are being murdered one by one. The killer is known only as Mary Smith. Is Mary really a woman? Or just someone playing the part? With the LAPD and FBI clueless, it's up to Alex Cross to track down the truth
My Review: I bought this in a sale and I thought it might have been a bad idea. It's the 11th book in the Alex Cross series. The first two books became movies that you might have heard of. (Along came a Spider and Kiss the Girls) With it being the 11th book, I thought I would be confused with the character of Alex Cross. How wrong I was. Dispite the mention of past story lines popping up here and there, I wasnt confused at all. You got to know the character and how he ticks and again, it kept me hooked. I read it in 2 days.

2nd Chance: A brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd of children leaving a San Francisco church. Miraculously-or was it intentionally?-only one person dies. Then an elderly black woman is hung. Police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D. A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation. This killer's motives are unspeakable.
My Review: Again, I thought I had made a mistake starting to read a book that was the 2nd in a series, and again, I was wrong lol. This is about The Women's Murder Club. Showing you that women can hold powerful roles in a story and in real life. I happened to find this book in my mum's collection and as Mary, Mary..I had it finished in 2 days. Kept me gripped from start to finish.

5th Horseman: A young mother is recuperating in a San Francisco hospital when she is suddenly gasping for breath. The call button fails to bring help in time. The hospital's doctors, some of the best in the nation, are completely mystified by her death. How did this happen?
My Review: As you can see, I have a habit of not caring which order I read the books in. This is the 5th installment of The Women's Murder Club. Need I say it again? It got me hooked and it was finished in less than 2 days. You're not lost in the story at all. You're never lost in the character stories either. Yet more proof that you need to get reading a James Patterson book.

Pop Goes The Weasel: Geoffrey Shafer, the Weasel, works in Intelligence in the British Embassy in D.C. He and three twisted friends play a Game of Death that involves unsuspecting women around the world.
My Review: This is the last review. I promise (for now) Another Alex Cross story. 5th in the series. I actually couldnt stop turning the pages. I needed to know how the killer was caught. So I ended up reading this book in a day. Yet again...easy to get into. Each chapter about 2-3 pages long. It's proof that the whole Alex Cross series of books have to be read from start to finish. I do have loads more books written by James Patterson, which I've not read yet. I will be talking about them on here when I've started and finished reading them.

Go out and buy a James Patterson book. You'll love them all. GO GO GO!

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