Monday, October 23, 2006


The much awaited album from Robbie Wliiams has arrived!!

Rudebox hit the UK stores today and although I dont always buy an album on release day, I headed out to ASDA and grabbed a copy.
I think you'll agree that £8.78 is a good price to buy an album (album with special features cost £14.99)

Here's a list of the songs featured:

-Viva Life on Mars
-Bongo Bong and Je Ne T'aime Plus
-She's Madonna
-Keep On
-Good Doctor
-The Actor
-Never Touch That Switch
-We're The Pet Shop Boys
-Burslem Normals
-Kiss me
-The 80's
-The 90's

All the songs I've listened to so far are brilliant. A lot of people have said that it's a strange Robbie sound and that it wont work but I think if he releases the good songs off the album, people will love it and he'll continue to grow. Robbie has done a lot in his career and this is just a chance for him to see what other talent he has. I already liked Lovelight. Now I'm digging Kiss Me, The 80's and 90's and Rudebox has grown slowly on me. It's a must for every Robbie Williams fan. And here's a little something extra for all you fans. We've got a Rudebox designer page for you to play about with and on Amazon have a little vid clip of backstage goings on during his recent tour.

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