Thursday, October 19, 2006

Halloween 2006

Yes. It'll soon be that time of year again, folks. Halloween just isnt the same when you get older but do you take time to buy in sweets/candy for all the trick or treaters? Personally, I dont bother. I live in a block of flats/apartments and we dont get bothered by any kids coming around.

When I was younger, none of my friends, nor myself, bothered about trick or treating. More so because it was too cold here at that time of year. We just stayed at eachothers houses and told crap ghost stories. I imagine these days it's not the same fun for kids heading out all dressed up. You've got the added worry of the thought that some person is watching your kids. Following them about. The chance that your kid wont have the fun their suppose to because (god forbid) they've been snatched. When did everything change that resulted in these added worries? I know they've always been there but it seems more talked about these days. I once helped at a halloween party a few years back. A friend of mine held one for her kids and their friends. Such a laugh. Even though it was all for kids, all the grown ups were bullied into bobbing for apples. Good times!

This year I will be attending some halloween events. I've still to find out times and such but there's a huge event going on called Halloween in Huntly. On the sunday night (i hope) there's an event called the burning of the Wickerman (based on the scottish horror movie The Wickerman) A few of us are attending. Might turn out to be a good night and it takes place just 2 days after my birthday. More of a reason to have fun. So what will you do for this halloween?


DaNi3L said...

I don't celebrate Halloween

DaNi3L said...
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nenni said...

Neither do a lot of people but it's good to do things for the kids

DaNi3L said...

oh well

I do celebrate something better, my youngest Neices birthday