Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm back!

Although some people might not have noticed I wasnt actually online, I'm here to let you know....I'M BACK!

Quick catch up: comp became an indian and was sending smoke signals Tonto style, I went to my mum's and ended up being there for over 2 weeks, I could only manage to get online at the library and even then it was hard to do anything I wanted to do, my mum finally parted with some cash and enabled me to buy a new computer..PLUS I got broadband. Which means no more shitty dial-up, but it's taken me 5 days longer than the 9 days promised to me, to get my modem. I'm finally connected and back to bug the shit out of people agaga

That's about it for my computer problems. Now I have money problems to face after our christmas saving scheme company went bust. Anyone who saved money with the company Farepak has now lost out of their christmas savings money and if they make a claim, they could get some of the money back. Not all of it, mind you. So christmas this year is going to be pretty shitty. It's always shitty, since my dad died, but it's going to be a limited amount of presents in the nenni household this year. Anyone interested in reading about the Farepak christmas money problems can read about it here.

Now it's time for me to do some research on links for the amount of book reviews I'm going to do. Oh the fun in reading kickingup a storm, eh? :p


DaNi3L said...

can you go away again and bring back a nice version of you instead

nenni said...


DaNi3L said...

I don't believe you

nenni said...

you're mean!

DaNi3L said...

I agree you're mean