Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Idea

well...not really. I lack an idea for a post here. I've sat for some time, thinking what to type

Now, I could sit and type how much of a bitch I think someone is for leaving me again soon for a gay ass car meet. I could also sit and say how much I adore the abuse I get from said person. The latter would be false....

So as I sit here and type this out, an idea has past through my brain...and the only idea is....

TO SHOW MY NEW WINAMP SKIN (how fucking boring am I?)

winamp skin 1

winamp skin 2

winamp skin 3

I admit to having nothing else better to say. Sue me, you wont get much. So there it is. My new winamp skin for you to look at (learn to love my pointless posts)

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