Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hulk Knows Best

Fearsome, funny 80's wrestling star Hulk Hogan, known as Terry to his family, is trying to do a repeat of the Osbournes - a cleaned up version. Hulk, his wife Linda, daughter Brooke and son Nick are ready to put their home life on reality TV on Hulk Knows Best. But Brooke, 16, who announced she was ready for superstardom, said Linda's insistence that she was the bad child of the family, pouted " Why me? I'm a virgin, I don't do drugs. I'm perfect. I'm nice to people. I always do my homework." Not so much Osbourne as the Brady Bunch?

This was in our Saturday paper's TV guide...sounds rather interesting, but why would he do this? To me, it sounds like someone's star is fading? And from what I've heard from people in chat that have seen the show, Hulk is a mean sonofabitch, his daughter is a slut, his wife should cut down on the eyeliner, and his son gets bitched out for having condoms in his bedroom. Hmm, typical American life? Sounds like it to me!


Anonymous said...

Lmao.. pretty typical, aye! Perhaps if I became a slut, and dolled my mom up like tammy faye baker, I'd be on T.V. too!

nenni said...

From what I've seen..all american families are the same! and his star is fading..he's not the 'wrestler' he was in the 80's. Sure, his fight with The Rock was huge but he's past it. It wont reach the same level of success as The Osbournes. I hope he's not trying to kid himself that it will. He'll come crashing to the ground. Oh, and it'll last on season lol

Anonymous said...

Nennis cunt smells like fish