Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombings

Today, I woke to see the news that London had been attacked

37 people dead, at this time but the count could rise. I've been watching all day and I still cant get my head around it. The images captured on mobile phones, TV cameras and eyewitness accounts are unbelieveable! I'm very very surprised that not more people died in this bombing. I cant even think of anything to type about it, which I find surprising. I always have something to comment with. I will say that I'm surprised this hasnt happened before but sitting and thinking about it...I don't know if it was a wake up call after the Olympics 2012 were announced as being held in London or if it was a thought out attack and it just so happened after the announcement. I would have thought that maybe something would have happened during the Live8 concert or even the summit held in Edinburgh, Scotland. God forbid if that did! The casualty count would be alot higher.
I'll probably comment on all this at a later date. Once I've read all the newspapers from tomorrow and some more things on the net

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