Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thank You

Just like to say thank you to everyone for their condolences and their kind words over the last few days. We buried Mum today, and it was the most beautiful ceremony ever. The gods shined today, it was a perfect sunny warm day in the midst of winter, a rare occasion. I think my sisters and I did Mum proud. We held it together so well. So, again, I'd like to say thank you. I really appreciate all the kind words and thoughts. I know a lot of you don't know how to express your sympathies at a time like this, and I do understand that. The respect I have seen over the last few days has been overwhelming. I really do know who my friends are on here. I love you guys. :)


nenni said...

you are very welcome, Luna =)

i'm always here to talk if you need to. Sorry I've been gone. Just remember, I'm always here for you

Michele said...

You are welcome, Luna.

I know that I am not here a lot but please know that any time you need someone to talk to, just let me know and I will gladly make time for you. ~hugs you~