Monday, June 27, 2005


I am suffering so much =(

I have bad hayfever and my pills aint working for it. So it's another trip to the doc for me tomorrow. Not looking forward to it ! My nose is in agony with having to blow and wipe so much. I also have sunburn on my right arm and down the right side of my face and neck (yes, you read right. only one side of my face and arm) Next sunny day, I'll sit out and get the left side done


Michele said...

I'm sorry you feel so bad. I get like that in the spring and fall. What are you taking for it?

nenni said...

nothing. the pills are not working and it's annoying as hell

all I keep buying are tissues lol it'll soon finish. I think the animal hair is making it worse also. seems to be at this time of year that I grow allergic to the cat and dogs