Sunday, February 04, 2007

No more easter

In a saturday newspaper, the headline was that the NHS Health Chiefs are banning easter - to avoid offending Muslims.

NHS Grampian are ruling that the Christian celebration is no longer a public holiday and if staff want this day off, they have to use up their annual leave. They insist the controversial move is because the organisation is multi-cultural - so "can't please everyone"
A stunned Muslim leader of Aberdeen's Muslim community said:-

"Where does all this end? Are they going to ban Christmas next so no one's offended? The NHS have totally lost the plot. I know a lot of Muslim doctors and they'd never want to see colleagues missing out on Easter"

NHS Grampian insisted there was no chance of Easter being re-instated.

People turn their nose up at you for saying "Merry Christmas" because it 'should' now be "Happy Holidays". Does that now mean that not long from now, Chritsmas will be canceled? Families wont be able to spend the day together because you have to work on Christmas day? Will things get so out of hand that the whole Christmas idea will be binned? "You cant buy christmas presents. It offends someone of another culture"
I'm not Chritian but I'm shocked at the whole principle of the matter. What's so offending about Easter? Why should Christians lose out on a holiday that's been celebrated since the second century AD?

We're a country of different races and religions. We've lived like this for years. People of the Muslim community don't have a problem with us celebrating different holidays (as stated above). So why is it now a problem? The answer...

We're making it a problem! I'm not talking about you and me. I'm talking about the people in a position to force these changes. The people in Health Care, Education and Government.
Were the general public ever given the choice to voice their opinion on these situations? I know I wasnt! Were you? Were the Muslim community given a chance to voice their opinions? I'm guessing not because a majority of Muslims don't care that Christians celebrate Easter. These people in power are causing a divide between people of different faiths. They are the ones making it a problem. Not us. It's about time that we were asked what WE want. Not being told what these people think is the best way.
People wonder why it seems that we can't all live together. Is this a big example of a real reason? and why are people so scared to point out the whole fucked up government that leads us?

I don't care who celebrates what holiday. Be it Easter or Ramadan. It's your faith and you are well within your rights to celebrate them. NO ONE should be allowed to tell you what you can and cant celebrate. This is a perfect example of how our country is another step closer to being completely fucked up!

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