Monday, February 12, 2007

Human ass!

In our local newspaper on saturday there was a front page story about a paedophile named Steven Leisk who murdered a 9 year old in 1997.

Steven Leisk claims his human rights have been broken and now wants a cash payment. He is locked up in Peterhead prison, a victorian jail where the practice is still taking place with chemical toilets. He is one of 1,400 inmates who are making claims against the fact they are made to slop out.

In 1997, Leisk snatched Scott Simpson while he was playing football yards from Leisk's home. He strangled Scott and then dumped his body. 5 days later, little Scott was found. Leisk was jailed for life with the recommendation he serve a minimum of 25 years. But under human rights legislation the punishment was reviewed and cut to 20 years.

In my opinion, they shouldnt have any human rights! Anyone who murders someone has taken away their human rights. So why the hell should they have any?! Let them rot in jail. It's what they deserve. Prisoners seem to have a better life inside a prison than people living a normal life. Am I the only one who thinks that's fucked up? Maybe I'm old fashioned in my thinking but it should be a life for a life. They have taken it upon themselves to end someones life. Why should they carry on living a life they dont deserve?

I do, however, know about the talk of some experts who believe that killers are born to kill. They have been calling for the death penalty to be stopped so they can study these people. I don't know much on that subject because I havent read up about it but maybe that is a good idea. So we get to know and understand the way they think and why they ended up killing people.

That still doesnt stop me thinking that a life for a life is the way it should be. I'm in two minds about it, to be honest. I do think, very strongly, that they shouldnt have any human rights what so ever. Let them slop out, let them rot. It's nothing short of what they deserve.

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billythekid said...

Yeah I read that in the paper the other day. Seems a bit coarse of him to be claiming a human rights violation. Two wrongs however do not a right make. If someone in the powers that be has decided that slopping out goes against the rights of humans in the 21st century then that must be observed.

We can't pick and choose what laws we follow. I do however agree there should be no recompense for this guy, it would be hypocritical in my opinion for someone to deny one person of their human rights then cry wolf when their own rights are violated.