Sunday, July 16, 2006


My sunday mornings are taken up with watching repeats of Big Brother, Eastenders, Charmed and Lost. While waiting inbetween shows, I get a chance to read a sunday newspaper. Most likely the News of the World because the sunday magazine has my fav crossword (and yes...the trashy stories that can be printed inside. I can hear you brits thinking that!). Upon reading the News of the World today, I came across a story that somewhat shocked me and then got me interested in reading more about it.

The story? Suicide chatrooms. Now, before anyone reading this runs off to tell their little friends on msn that I'm 'thinking about killing myself', get your story straight. The news article was about a girl, in the UK, who hanged herself in her bedroom. These days that's seems to be pretty popular. I've noticed it more since my mum's bf hanged himself anyway. It seems that this girl liked to visit a chatroom and talked to users who encouraged others to kill themselves. They even gave them tips on what way would be best. They have their own code of talk too. "Bus ride" is a slang for ending your life, and it seems it doesnt just stop with people in the UK. Australia have set new laws because of these sites, Japan have done the same. They have the highest count of suicides... ISP providers can even face death in other countries and all because of these chatrooms. Sounds outrageous to type that but that was in the news article (which I cant find)

I know the internet can be used to find whatever it is you want these days but it's scary to think that people actually sit in those chats and give tips to others that ends up with them taking their lives. Ministers in the UK are being urged to take charge and stop people from gaining access to these sites. The families of victims have told how other countries have stopped them..but you have to ask it really as simple as that? Anyone, anywhere can open a chatroom, add a java link and advertise it amoungst people they know. Would it be classed as fighting a losing battle? I know one thing for sure. If someone wants to find something on the internet, they wont give up till they do and they'll find other ways and means to get what they want.

You can read a couple of stories I found from the guardian, dailymail and the bbc. If anyone reading this is having any thoughts like I've mentioned or something else they dont think they can cope with, please call your nearest support group. Samaritans in the UK and Australia are very helpful.

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