Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blogging Play

One of the reasons I decided to get this going again was because of something I watched on TV. In the mornings, in the UK, there's a show called This Morning. I'm never normally up to watch it but the past few days I have. Today, they had an interview with a guy who's written a play about situations people have blogged about. If you dont believe me, you can read about it here.

This guy has surfed UK blogs and come up with 10 characters for his play (5 actors playing double roles). One character is an agraphobic sex chatline operator.
The play, called Bloggers - Real Internet Diaries, premieres next month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and will be shown daily at 3.10pm, Smirnoff Underbelly, Edinburgh (3rd - 27th August). There's also a site about the play, which can be read here.

Makes me wonder if I had posted about some weird stuff, would my stories have been part of the play? lol Highly doubtful. I think I might even take a trip down to Edinburgh to go watch this play. It's a 3 hour journey and maybe it wouldnt be worth it, but you have to look at it like this...Maybe it would be worth it and even if it isnt, it's a day away from boring Aberdeen. I'm gonna look into this. What do you all think?

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