Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back to the old days

I decided, and was backed by Luna, to remove the template we had. Now it's back to the old look, which I think is much better. And so does Luna =)
This look will stay for ages..unless something happens to it. Like before.

We've not posted on here for awhile. There's been the odd post here and there but nothing like before. Times are changing and after the break away, I've decided to get this ball rolling again. So stick with us while we get going again.


DaNi3L said...

I see no one came to me about this change back :( I see how things are around here, no one cares for my opinion :(

now that has been said, I like this look better then the one that we were using anyways :P

nenni said...

If you like the look better, than dont bitch about no one asking you lol

anyway, you werent here at the time! =)

DaNi3L said...

so you should have waited till I was :P