Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No Justice

I am complete upset. People complain about all the crime in the world. You see it all over TV and they sit their at their little desks and ask and ponder on how things could of been different with the suspects. The problems start at home and not just with the parents but with our legal system.
The other day Krystal told her exboyfriend that she didn't want to have any more contact with him because even though they haven't been going out for the last 8 months, he is still jealous and obsessive over her. He would get angry when she would go out with her friends and stuff like that. Anyways, my boyfriend's son threatened to beat his ass if he didn't leave her alone (childish, I know). Some of his friends jump Michael a few days later and beat his ass. Then later that night, about 3 in the morning, they beat on Krystal's window and then throw a rock through it. My boyfriend goes out there and by the time he got outside, they were gone. Krystal saw them do this. We call the police and the police just tell us, "Since you can't exactly say who threw the rock, then we can't do anything". What kind of shit is that. Both of those boys should of been arrested. Now we have to fix a broken window, which comes out of our pocket. One of the boys is already on probation.
What is this teaching our children and teenagers? That they can get away with anything and there are no consequences. That is why there are so many people out there harming others. They have been told by the Justice System they can get away with it. Just like with Drugs, they pick up people dealing and using drugs, tell them that if they turn over on so many people they can walk with just probabtion. That puts them right back on the streets doing the exact same thing they were doing. I saw it all the time in my old neighborhood.
It just pisses me off. Someone should stand up and point out that the Justice system in America is screwed up.


nenni said...

People are all too quick to label a person a troublemaker. It happens here too, and troublemakers are given an ABSO over here even if they only make a lot of noise.

People do need to look closer to home to find out the deep root of the problems that lead them to cause so much trouble!

_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

I think people who do these things need professional help. it's all in how they were brought up! but get your friend Krystal to put a video camera pointing at the window and record it. if they are persistant they will do it again!