Saturday, November 21, 2009

20th November 09 Day 14

Weigh-In. Last week 94,5kg. This week 93.5kg. Loss 1kg

Well, I'm finally on the "mushies" stage. It's not too bad, I made some fish cakes last night, mushied it up with some gravy, it was delicious. Made a nice chicken and barley stew in the slow cooker today, I'll blitz it nice and smooth. I've got enough food for a few days at least. I miss the Sustagen for breakfast, that stuff was lovely. Half a weetbix just doesn't cut it. I'm finding it hard dealing with the "head hunger". I seem to want to eat all the time. I count down the minutes until I can eat again. I'm being strong though, as much as I could sneak in spoons of food between meals, I'm not. I'm behaving myself and not succumbing to temptation. It's not easy though.

My port wound is still infected. Went to see the GP again today, he took a swab of the gooey bit and sent it off for analysis. So I'm back on antibiotics and the wound is packed and dressed. I go back on Monday to see the nurse and have the dressing changed. I know it's because of the diabetes that the wound is taking so long to heal. I just hope it heals enough so I can have my band filled and I can get over this hungry phase.

The back pain is nearly totally gone, thank fuck. It still hurts sometimes but I think it's because I've been unable to sleep on my stomach.

I suppose 1kg is a better loss than nothing. I realise that some people put weight on during the mushies stage. So I'm preparing myself for that. I'm not too worried, once I get a fill I should start dropping weight again.

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