Thursday, August 30, 2007

Think...THINK !!

Isn't it annoying when you've been in your car, maybe listening to the radio because your cd player still hasnt been fitted yet, and you hear a song that sounds quite catchy and you think to yourself:

"I need to get that downloaded! MEMO TO SELF..remember some of the lyrics to type into google because you'll most likely not remember the band or the song name"

Just me then?! I've got that problem right now. I've heard a song on the radio and really wanted it downloaded. I've heard it over and over again and I assumed I would remember the lyrics...

HOW WRONG WAS I? I've been sitting for about an hour trying to remember the lyrics. I know there's the word "shit" faded out so you don't hear it on the radio....and that's about all I remember.

I'm listening to my local radio online in the hope that the song will be played. Knowing my luck I wont hear it until I'm back in the car, driving to my mum's 50 miles away....

with no way to download anything but a chance that I can jot down what the band and song is!!

but then I'll most likely forget about that piece of paper and I'll be back to square one. GOD DAMNIT!

Till the time I can find out the name of the band and song, and post and tell anyone who's interested (which is probably the population of about -5000) I shall leave you with a vid of Mika singing Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Love this song!!

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billythekid said...


I wouldn't recommend putting shit into google by itself!