Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lonach Gathering 2007

Well, another year and another Lonach Gathering and yet more camping.

The Lonach kicked off on the 25th Aug at Bellabeg, Strathdon with the march of the clansmen (which I missed) and the rest of the day was even better than last year! It did rain but my sunburn shows that the sun came out.

We headed off to set up camp on the Friday. With only 3 if us being there this year it didnt take long to get things set up and by 7pm we were all ready to get the BBQ going for some food-age. By 9pm we were starving because we had problems getting the BBQ going but all was not lost. Nod got his cooker going and then we were set.

The Saturday was busy. With all the usual stalls and entertainment I felt right at home. For people's viewing pleasure I took a video of a Pipe Band playing for the crowd and as part of a competition. They're playing Flower Of Scotland and Scotland The Brave. I shall apologise right now for the swearing you'll hear. That is me and my foul mouth lol.

Here's a couple of pics of our tents. Not that exciting. Pic 1 (our tent) and Pic 2 (Denise and Nod's tent)

After having a tea break back at the camp site, Denise, Nod and myself headed back to the main area and finally got good pics of Billy Connolly (scottish comedian) and if you click here you'll find a picture of his wife Pamela Stephenson (actress, comedian and now clinical psychologist) These are the best pics we've ever got of them.

After spending some time in the main area we called it a day and on the way back I decided to take a vid of Jake. This guy is there every year and every year he can be seen by the road playing for the public. He must make a fortune with his busking. He always wears the same gear and he always plays the same songs but he's brilliant! Denise can be seen in the background in the red jacket and Nod can then be seen and heard saying "Cya next year!"

and just for my enterainment here's a pic of my mum and Denise dancing to the TimeWarp. Maybe my mum will stop by and have a look. If she does...HIYA MUMMY!!!!! LIKE YOU PICTURE?!?! ahahahahaha <3!! Please don't kill me for putting it on here. Our viewing puplic will love it!

All in all we had a smashing time! We're already thinking of things to buy next year to try and beat Denise and Nod and maybe I'll be able to get a vid of Billy Connolly for all to see. If you have no idea who Billy Connolly is then you can look at his website here or check out his vids on youtube here. See how nice I am? I even got you the search page so you don't have to do it yourself! You can also read about 2006 and 2005's Lonach Gatherings here or by clicking the Lonach label at the side. I hope you enjoy watching the videos and looking at the pics.

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Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

We were there too this year, although it was so bloody busy I'm thinking this will have been our last year.

It's just full of celebrity spotters now and a lot of its charm has gone. We first went 6 or 7 years ago (or thereabouts) and yes it was nice to go "oh there's a famous person," but I think we'll just meet friends somewhere else instead next year.

Oh and Jake and his Electric Sporran is great! We had a nice chat with him this year about his set-up.

P.S. Superior tentage!