Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Missing shopping

Isnt it annoying when you get home from food shopping and realise that one thing you really needed, one thing that would keep you from going insane, the one thing that would stop you being bitten to death isnt in your shopping bag? No? Only me then?

The one thing that would keep me alive is biscuits for my cat pyper. If she doesnt have her biscuits, then my life isnt worth living till she does. I'm not kidding either. She can be evil, and she wont settle for any other biscuits other than Whiskas Temptations Beef flavour.

Now you may think that I just clear forgot to buy them but I didnt! I would have bought them if it hadnt been for the old guy in the dairy cream cake aisle. IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! His and a songs fault. Infact...His, the songs and ASDA shopping stores fault. While walking around picking up things I needed, I noticed they were playing the song You Raise Me Up. I hate this song even on a good day. So imagine my horror when I reached the dairy cream aisle and was interupted by an old guy WHISTLING the song over and over. I couldn't think. I couldn't decide what I needed and the cat food thought left my head and wondered off on it's own. If it hadn't been for that old guy and his crap whistling of a crap song, then I would have remembered the cat biscuits. Now I have to make sure I dont walk about my apartment. Pyper is on the prowl and I'd like to keep my legs!


_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

OMG I so hate shopping, everytime I take the kids shopping I always get more than what I planned and then always forget something. A shopping list doesn't help either! lol

_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

OMG I hate shopping, when I take the kids with me I always get more than what I planned for and always forget something! A shopping list doesn't help either cause I still get extra things! lol

_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

oooopz I posted that twice.... lol