Monday, April 02, 2007

Always a bad word

Two words were evil to me...TRAFFIC WARDENS !

..but not anymore (for now anyway). My change of heart? Last sunday evening, while driving home from my mothers, I was annoyed to learn that I had a puncture. I kept my cool though because unlike some women, I know how to change a car tyre. My dad tought me when I was younger. Anywho...I got the stuff I needed out of the boot/trunk and then I was smacked in the face with a slipper. Kind of. I noticed that I didnt have a wrench to help get the bolts/nuts off. My smiles soon faded. After a few phonecalls someone came to help me but it turned out their wrench was too big. To cut the story a little...I had to leave my car overnight but it was parked in a permit zone. Now I'm starting to worry.

I called the police to ask for advice and was told I would have to call the council. 8:20am the next morning I was on the phone talking with the traffic warden department. They very kindly told me that the car would be cool where it was parked but only for one day. I wouldn't get a single parking ticket and they held their word. When I finally got back to the car, there was no parking tickets at all. So for now I'm cool with traffic wardens. I shall say no more bad words about them (until a chance passes by of them issuing me with a ticket)

Oh. I got the tyre changed, btw. Everything is cool!

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_-Sweet-Thing-_ said...

damn that was nice of them! where I live it's a permit zone out the front cause I live really close to a big shopping center.