Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2 more bodies found

The case of missing/dead prostitutes in Suffolk, UK has taken another twist.

So far, 3 bodies have been found and today 2 more bodies were found. That's bumped the total up to 5 dead prostitutes. Police are saying that these 2 new bodies could be those of missing women Paula Clennell (24) and Annette Nicholls (29). They've been missing since sunday.

You can read the story here.

These killings are happening very fast. Hardly any break inbetween them and I heard somewhere that police think there could be 2 killers working together. I don't know if that's true but if you think about it, its possible. That would explain the speed in which the girls are going missing and being killed. Each body has been found naked. The first 2 girls were found near water and the 3rd was found near a railway line. These two bodies have been found on woodland.

The police have urged prostitutes to stay off the streets but in my opinion..I dont think most of them will listen to the advice. Most prostitutes are drug addicts. They work the streets to get the cash to feed their habits. This we all know. Who can safely say that they'll listen to that advice? Buisness probably wont be all that great, with people staying away from the redlight area but that still wont stop the women risking their lives for a fix. Only time will tell if more bodies show up. So far, no women have been reported missing.

We can only hope they catch the person/s responsable for these killings.

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