Sunday, May 02, 2010

On hold

I'm back!

Another update on me (boring, I know)..Still struggling to come to terms with my diagnoses of MS. Will I ever get my head around it? Hopefully.

Life seems to be on hold for now. No working. No moving on to getting a full time job. One good thing. Got my holiday in Cyprus coming up. 2 weeks in the sun will hopefully do me the world of good. Heading there at the end of July. Might not come home!

This seems like a really crap post. As I'm typing it I'm thinking "WTF? STOP AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO SAY!" but I can't help but continue to type utter rubbish. I guess I'll just go find something else to do. Could even think of other posts to make. I could even watch some Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. Which has given me an idea.

I shall return!

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