Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Offensive? Do me a lemon!

While reading a newspaper on Sunday I came across an article about Scottish history and it annoyed me!

IT has been hailed as Scotland's greatest victory over the Auld Enemy by everyone from Robert the Bruce to the Tartan Army. But now the National Trust have decided that the Battle of Bannockburn was "not England v Scotland". The claim, made at a meeting to plan today's annual re-enactment of the 1314 battle at Bannockburn Heritage Centre and monument, has outraged historians.
National Trust Scotland's West Regional director Michael Hunter said it should be seen as a feud between two kings - Robert the Bruce and Edward II. In a taped record of the meeting, he claimed: "We have to be quite careful how we present the battle - it is not England v Scotland. "It was two kings fighting against each other."

What a crock of shit! It was England v Scotland to which we won. Why should it be changed to King v King? It's an important part of Scottish history and people should NOT be denied the truth! Robert The Bruce led Scotland in that battle and it gave us our independence. We have a right to be allowed to keep it the title of England v Scotland.
The Trust's property manager at Bannockburn, Alison Corley, said: "If you just make it a Scottish and English battle then you are not doing it justice.

It's worked well for many years and it's done the battle a lot of justice. Why change it now?! In case someone is offended? WHO? Has anyone been offended before? From what I know..English people have been to visit the site for many years and to my knowledge have never been offended. In this day and age more things cause offense to people but why is that? If it's never bothered them before, then why the change of mind? It pisses me off that the smallest little thing can be classed as offensive to people. We seem to be walking on eggshells every minute of the day, and me personally I'm sick of it. I will always class the battle of Bannockburn as England v Scotland and if I offend someone I don't care. Scottish history, and any countries history, should NOT be changed to suit other people. We need to be proud of our history and we need to stand up and voice our opinion if people want to change it!

You can read the story from the newspaper here and about the Battle of Bannockburn here.

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